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The Landmark Hotel spa kept me going and kept me in a calm headspace during a difficult time in my life. I’m born and bred in London and my heart will always be in London. But I was struggling to adjust to my previous environment I was living, and to be honest I didn’t adjust.

For instance, I was quite literally living in the ass-end of suburbia and found myself feeling bored, isolated and lost. So I desperately that ultimate pick-me-up and change of scenery! That’s when I started looking for spa trips on Hussle. Because we all need that one trip, that one special outing or treat to keep us going, right?

Then, Luckily Landed On The Landmark Hotel Spa…

I was instantly compelled to visit this place and became even more intrigued when I looked into this hotel. This spa didn’t look like just any spa, it has that special extra touch of class.

Now, I’m living somewhere a lot better with great transport links into London (To preferably book at the Landmark more often, yay!), I will always look back at this place with fond memories, a sense of calm and joy. I instantly felt at home again, living in this new home and visiting the Landmark London Hotel. And also, that’s not the only good news that I have…

I’ve booked a post-lockdown stay at this wonderful, exquisite and heartwarming hotel. So I will be sharing the depths, ins-and-outs and details on this stunning little find. But for now, I’m going to cover a review of The Landmark Spa.

Okay, so I maybe already gave too much away already and you’ve probably guessed that this is going to be a positive review. But I will not leave a single stone unturned! Plus, it’s always good at least have a rough idea of what to expect before visiting somewhere. It only makes the trip more enjoyable and takes out any potential stress or confusion.

Hopefully you’ll not only enjoy this this post and the escapism that comes with it. But hopefully it’ll inspire you to book a post-lockdown treat and know exactly what to expect.

First Impressions Of The Landmark Hotel Spa & Grounds

  • the landmark spa review entrance
  • The Landmark Entrance
  • The Landmark Winter Garden

I was very worried about walking into this hotel when I initially saw how sophisticated and classy the interior and exterior is. Because I’ve heard that certain hotels have dress codes and rules, especially for a large chunk of London 5* hotels.

But from the smiling doorman to the attentive concierge – All of the staff are incredibly courteous and hospitable. So the hotel staff will treat you with the same respect as everybody else regardless. Plus, you don’t feel any negative vibes, discrimination or snobbery which is what I love about this hotel. Also, the staff will physically guide you to the spa area if you ask where it is.

On the way there, you’ll come across The Winter Garden Restaurant which is renowned for being “a tranquil oasis under elegant palms” or “fine dining with a view”.

And as you can see, it’s truly stunning. The way there’s a huge injection of tropical escapism while still preserving the classic, traditional Victorian decor design is very sophisticated, clever and elegant. You simply get the best of both worlds at The Winter Garden.

The Landmark Hotel Spa Chill Out/Pre-Treatment Room

  • The spa at the landmark
  • The landmark spa review waiting room
  • The landmark spa review

The waiting room is very tranquil and cut off from any background noise from the hotel. Plus, the dimmed spotlights and lamps make you feel instantly calm.

There are also seasonal fresh fruits and fruit infused water on offer – Which is needed after using the sanarium! Also, you receive towels and robes to use, along with slippers provided in the lockers.

The Landmark Hotel Spa Changing Facilities

  • The Landmark Spa Review

The changing rooms are impeccably clean and circumspect. However, they’re not great if you’re a little body conscious as they’re open changing rooms. But there is the option to change in the toilets of the changing rooms, and not to worry as they’re incredibly spotless and absolutely nothing like other public gym toilets.

There are also lovely little touches to the changing rooms and shower areas. For instance, there’s a little machine by the entrance to bag your wet swimwear so that it doesn’t ruin the rest of your luggage. Plus, there’s refreshing and zingy grapefruit shower gels, hair wash and conditioner. I usually bring my own (rituals ritual of hammam!) but the products available are quite nice.

Finally, the showers in the changing rooms are rainfall showers which is another classy touch. But unfortunately the steam room didn’t work at the time. But one of the regulars was really upset about the steam room not working so I assume that it must’ve been good!

The Landmark Hotel Spa Main Facilities & Gym

The Small Gym Area

  • The landmark spa gym
  • The landmark gym

Forget crowded, drab and depressing looking gyms. You’ll get a ton of privacy and state of the art gym equipment to choose from. Plus, not to worry about the pool area lacking privacy. Because the window panels have clever designs so that swimmers and gym users have privacy while having a more open plan and spacious ambience.

Spa Showers & Sanarium

  • The landmark
  • The landmark sauna

You have powerful and monsoon showers at each side of the sanarium and on the other side of the pool area. It’s advised that you use those before and after using the pool, sanarium and jacuzzi.

The sanarium is a very good size and have multicoloured changing mood light panels inside. But unfortunately, you cannot see them in this photos.

Now you may also be confused about the difference between a sanarium and sauna. So from my knowledge, a sanarium is slightly lower in temperature than a sauna. But I didn’t notice anything notably different.

Jacuzzi & Swimming Pool

  • The spa at the landmark pool
  • The landmark spa London
  • The landmark London spa review
  • The landmark spa jacuzzi
  • The landmark spa review

The pool is what encouraged me to visit this spa. Because it’s one of the very few pools that are chlorine free. So no harsh chemicals, nasty smells or that eye and nose burning sensation that comes with chlorine! Plus, the pool is incredibly tranquil and the perfect depth and temperature.

Plus, the jacuzzi is the die for. It’s a very good and hotter temperature, the water jets, tap and bubbles really work up a treat on a stressful day. Plus, the lighting of this entire area is absolutely spot on and add to the experience.

The entire area also has loungers, water and tea stations. Plus, the chances are that you’ll have the spa to yourself if you visit in the late morning. But make sure to avoid children’s swimming hours and rush hour. But even during rush hour, it really isn’t that bad as only a few other people came along.

Would I Recommend?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yes, I would 100% recommend this spot. The extra touches, lighting and courteous staff really make the visit worthwhile.

I’m really fussy about spa and gym areas and this doesn’t fail to disappoint at all. Plus, I could not fault The Landmark Hotel spa at all besides the steam room not currently working.

Extra Details & Location

Address: 222 Marylebone Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6JQ

Please don’t feel discouraged due to social distancing measures and the pandemic. Because this spa re-opens on the 14th of may!

Here are the measures and guidelines in place if you’re worried yet interested in booking, you can read them here.

Anyway, I hope that this gave you a little ray of hope and something to possibly look forward to after lockdown. I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations! Also make sure to keep a lookout for my full review of The Landmark Hotel in May!



  1. April 8, 2021 / 5:42 am

    I’ve always heard good things about this place and especially The Palm Court. I never knew it had a spa. That pool certainly looks inviting too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. April 8, 2021 / 6:57 pm

    Love this post! Thank you for sharing! This place looks beautiful and lovely. I’ve never been to somewhere like this but I would love to go there sometime in the future! The images are great!

  3. April 8, 2021 / 7:43 pm

    Sorry to hear you were/are having a difficult time! there is nothing like escaping to a spa to just give you the time and space to zen out! Also really interesting to note the pool is chlorine free!

    Char xo

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