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With a lot of my food blog reviews on here, brutal honestly will always be served – And hot! So if you’re looking to jump on the Korean BBQ bandwagon or want to know what to expect while visiting here, this Spicy Grill review is right up your street!

Now, Korea seems to be going up in the world recently with increasingly viral trends. For instance, your social media feeds are probably flooded with K-pop, Korean beauty, mukbangs and Korean food – people just can’t seem to get enough!

I’ve been familiar with Chinese hotpot restaurants which show some similarities to the Korean BBQ concept – Cooking at the table. So, this alone has left me eager to spice up my blog and write this Spicy Grill Review…

First Impressions of Spicy Grill

  • spicy grill restaurant Golders Green
  • spicy grill Golders Green menu
  • Spicy grill table
  • Spicy Grill Golders Green Review

The general decor is modern, clean and fresh along with great cleanliness. You’re presented with sleek looking grills and very clear menus with pictures.

Also visiting during a quiet time made it better as this place can get pretty busy during rush hour. So I’d recommend visiting around lunch time or late afternoon like we did.

The Spicy Grill Review Taste Test

Grilled Goodies

  • Spicy Grill Review Golders Green Review
  • Review
  • Spicy Grill Golders Green Review
  • Spicy Grill Golders Green Review
  • Spicy Grill Golders Green
  • Spicy Grill Golders Green Review

In terms of food you have to sizzle on the grill, you have a range of meat and vegetables depending on what set you choose. For instance, we chose the house special set which costs £37.50 for 3-4 people. Some items work really well on the grill. However, others are a Korean BBQ abomination which shouldn’t be allowed on table grills at all!

The house special set includes beef ribeye steak, beef bulgogi, pork belly slices and chicken. Plus, there are additional vegetables including sweet potato, mushrooms, lettuce and a range of small salads and condiments (which we will get to later!).

In order of the best to “worst”, the best meats are the beef bulgogi, chicken slices (which I think was chicken thighs rather than breast – Hence why they were so incredibly tender) and ribeye steak. All of these are marinated extremely well in a sweet/soy/sesame flavour and don’t dry out or become flavourless.

On the other hand, the pork belly is slightly tough. Because it takes a while for pork fat to render and melt down – Which is more difficult on an indoor electronic table grill.

As for vegetables the lettuce leaves make wonderful little wraps and the mushrooms add that umami flavour. However, grilling sweet potato on an indoor grill is a sure fine recipe for disaster! The potato slices do not cook on the inside, become burnt and incredibly dry. Along with a few onion slices which simply do not cook.

A final note that I may on the grilling process is that the heat is set on a lower setting which slows the cooking process. Plus, I reckon that a lot of BBQ and hotpot restaurants do this so that you don’t overeat and for profit reasons which can be a pro and con.

Sides, Salads & Sauces

The small salads and condiments are like little parcels of joy. What particularly stands out on this table is the sesame spring onion salad, beans, shoots and other little things to freshen up the palette. Those little touches really pack a punch of flavour and exotic fragrance to the meal. Honestly, a it would not be a Korean BBQ without these!

There are also sauce dishes of sesame oil, sweet soy and chilli paste. However, the true showstopper is the bottled gochujang sauce which you NEED to add to…

Seafood Bibimbap

  • Spicy Grill Golders Green

You’ll be a true winner if you have seafood bibimbap for dinner. The marriage of flavours were fantastic and the textures of the squid were incredibly moreish.

The hearty bibimbap is full lovely sweet sticky rice with a mild heat. And not to forget the best bit which are the burnt edges of rice which become browned from the hot stone bowl.

As I said before, you really must add gochujang sauce to this dish as it really levels the dish up.

Location & Additional Details

Address: 122 Golders Green Rd, Golders Green, London NW11 8HB

Would I Recommend Spicy Grill?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I would definitely recommend Spicy Grill. However, it really isn’t easy on your wallet!

The only thing that bugs me is how cheap it is to actually buy an indoor BBQ grill and do it at home compared to a visiting a restaurant (after recently doing this). On the other hand the vibe is fantastic, the restaurant is incredibly hygienic and now being under lockdown, it’s also nice to actually go out for this experience.

As always, I’d love your thoughts, opinions and recommendations.

Thanks for reading!



  1. April 1, 2021 / 11:44 am

    It was somewhere in 2018, I got Netflix, watched my first Kdrama and went all out Korean on myself. The wave has flattened out a but so I laugh at this now.
    But I love food. I love Korean food and I love a BBQ. Therefore this place with it’s fantastic vibes sounds right up my avenue.

    • April 8, 2021 / 6:56 pm

      Thanks! And Korean food is pretty up there when it comes to my favourite food places. Looking to find somewhere in the UK which do Korean corndogs but wish me luck on that 😅

  2. April 8, 2021 / 7:40 pm

    *adds another Korean BBQ place to the list* I love that you mentioned that it’s clean because that’s all we want when ~this~ is over!

    Char xo

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