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26th January 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

A World to Travel | 10 Tips That Will Help You Overcome Fear And Flying Anxiety
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The world truly is a beautiful place and is yours to explore and discover. Traveling is what enables the world to be your oyster. But if you are anxious about traveling and flying, it can feel as though that oyster has drifted out of your hands away in the deep ocean...

1st February 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Icelolly.com | 5 Amazing Things To Tick Off Your Lanzarote Bucket List
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If you're interested in visiting one of the Canary Islands, opting to travel to Lanzarote will not leave you disappointed! Lanzarote is a truly spectacular volcanic island with lots to offer, full of excitement, beauty and plenty of hidden gems...

22nd May 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Is Opting For Organic Food Really Better? Organic vs Chemically Treated Produce
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Let’s face it, everywhere you go, you are most likely to be faced with many ways to improve your diet and be healthier. Whether you are sitting in the doctors waiting room, hitting the gym or out shopping for food and groceries, there are always leaflets, catalogues and advertisements encouraging people to eat healthily and adopt healthier habits, therefore, there is a huge supply and demand in this type of industry...

1st August 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

6 Types of Foods to Alleviate Asthma That You’ll End Up Swearing By!
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Suffering from asthma can often leave you feeling stuck, frustrated and hopeless. But all hope is not lost! Because the good news is that there are many alternative methods and types of food to alleviate asthma naturally which we will guide you to use to your advantage in this article...

17th December April 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Del Real Foods |
Flavors to Ring in the New Year
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The New Year is approaching and it’s time to set some new year goals and resolutions. So maybe you’re thinking of setting a New Year goal to eat better? But before you fill yourself with dread, eating better doesn’t have to involve strict diets and eating boring food...

25th June 2020 by Amy Jane Cheong

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Everyone feels anxious from time to time. Plus, the workplace is essentially a stressful environment. So if you find yourself often feeling panicked, overwhelmed and anxious - That’s to be expected sometimes! But when these anxious feelings start to interfere with your daily functioning and productivity, there’s a problem...

23rd June 2020 by Amy Jane Cheong

Hypnosis For Confidence
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When it comes to building and maintaining confidence, there’s always room for improvement! However, this varies amongst people. For instance, some may feel very confident and will be high functioning whereas others will have low confidence which can be crippling...

25th June 2020 by Amy Jane Cheong

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Anxiety can feel hard to control, especially when you’re going through a hard or stressful time. For example, studies have shown significantly elevated levels of stress and anxiety among people during the COVID-19 pandemic...

26th June 2020 by Amy Jane Cheong

How Low Confidence Is Killing Your Relationship
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Everyone feels insecure from time to time, especially if they love someone and don’t want to lose them. But too much insecurity, jealousy and possessive behaviour can wreak havoc on your relationship! And where can those things stem from? That’s right! Low self-confidence - Which could be damaging your relationship without you even realising it...

26th June 2020 by Amy Jane Cheong

How to Build Confidence
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You may have heard about building self confidence many times throughout your life. But building your confidence is much easier said than done - especially when you’ve struggled with low confidence for a while. Everyone has their insecurities, even the most confident people. But if you find yourself feeling down and not believing in yourself, you’re not alone...

28th April 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Time Management While Working and Studying
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So, you’ve started uni to better your life and employability prospects and have a part-time job. Therefore, your university grades and time management are a top priority at this moment in time...

28th April 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

What to Buy for Student Accommodation
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So, after endless house hunting, you’ve looked into all of your options. You have finally found your ideal accommodation to stay during your studies at university. Well done! That’s the tough part out of the way...

28th April 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Budgeting While Studying
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So, you’ve achieved your grades and have secured a place at university - Congrats! It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back.

But, it’s also the time to organise and get familiar with budgeting while studying. Let’s face it, you’re investing a lot of money into earning that glossy degree.

21st October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

4 Common Pitfalls with Finding Clients as a Barber and How to Avoid Them!
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So, if you’re reading our blog then the chances are that you’ve already established a career in barbering, looking for the next step in your career or are looking for work. If so, you’re probably aware of the fact that finding clients and developing a good client base is the key for thriving in your barbering career...

5th October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

6 Early Milestones in Starting a Barber Business
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If you’re reading this, you may want to take your barbering career to another level by possibly starting your very own barber business.

But the first thing to remember is that setting milestones are vital in starting a barber business as they act as markers for the stages of development and progression of your business. However, setting those milestones can be challenging without a starting point or plan...

27th October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

6 Interesting Facts About Barbering
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Barbering is a massive industry with a ton of history behind it. This is why barbering provides one of the most “classic” and “old school” working environments. In addition to this, the barbering career path as a whole has passed on, carried and luckily ditched many traditions throughout the years...

17th October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

6 Reasons Why Every Man Needs A Good Barber in Their Life!
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Pampering, self-care and self-love are mostly portrayed, promoted and aimed towards women in the media. But one thing to keep in mind is that it’s just as important for men to focus on these aspects of mental health and to have some TLC every once in a while...

15th October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

8 Simple Ways to Start a Barber Business for Beginners!
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Starting a business as a barber can be very daunting. If you’re looking to start a barber business, everyone has to start somewhere. However, this can be very confusing if you have absolutely no idea about where to start or how to get started. So here are some straightforward and basic tips on how to kickstart a barbering business for beginners...

2nd October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Top 5 Characteristics of a Good Barber
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Barbering is such a big industry that there are millions of barbers around the world! But each individual barber’s qualities, performance and success will vary. Plus, only a certain percentage of these barbers will truly succeed in this field.

So what are the characteristics of a good barber? The good news is that if you were asking yourself this question, you’re in the right place! But first, let’s look at...

3rd November 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

5 Essential Barber Tools That Every Barber Needs!
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Whether you’re working under a salon or working for yourself, having a kit of essential barber tools is absolutely vital. Because barbering is a very practical field and your performance is highly influenced by the tools that you use - what this means is that the barbering tools that you take on your barbering journey can either make or break your career...

10th October 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

5 Reasons Why Choosing a Career in Barbering is THE Best Decision of Your Life!
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So, the chances are that you’ve already made the decision to start a career in barbering in the past.

But with any career that you choose, you can sometimes look back and wonder whether you’ve made the right decision or are on the right path. Especially if you’re in the process of looking for the next step in your career, looking for a new job or looking to become established...

1st July 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

6 Ways to Soothe Asthma Symptoms at Night
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Asthma is an extremely challenging condition to control and manage. But let’s face it, the real challenge lies in managing asthma symptoms at night! For instance, 61% of asthma sufferers report having nighttime asthma symptoms and report symptoms becoming more severe at night. However, the real issue is that nobody knows exactly why asthma symptoms get worse at night - which makes asthma even harder to manage...

15th July 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

6 Most Common Asthma Allergies to Look Out for & How to Manage Them!
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Asthma can not only be a difficult condition to cope with, but it can also be very difficult to pinpoint and find out what exactly triggers it - Which causes people to get stuck into a vicious cycle! Because with every individual asthma case, triggers and causes differ vastly, so many people have to individually figure things out for themselves...

17th April 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Conventional Vs. Natural Treatments: 4 Powerful Antioxidants To Alleviate Asthma!
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Let’s face it, suffering from asthma is a struggle! It can interfere with daily tasks and reduce your quality of life. But what makes suffering from asthma more complicated is the fact that there are conventional treatments out there - but none of them provides long term results or gets to the root of the problem...

1st May 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

How to Start Exercising with Asthma (for Newbies!)
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Everybody knows that exercise has many physical and psychological health benefits. This is why most people are keen to invest their time into improving their overall health through exercise. But actually bringing those exercise plans into action is much easier said than done - especially if you suffer from asthma...

26th May 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Useful Ways to Manage Asthma at Home
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So, you may have crossed paths with many different articles and reads on how to alleviate and manage asthma symptoms. Most articles can range from ways to avoid triggers and adjust to various environments - which are mostly outdoor places! Whether it’s at the gym, at work or at various exotic travel destinations, you can oh-so-easily access outdoor asthma advice through your smartphone, tablet or laptop...

17th May 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Asthma Myths vs. Facts
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Just like many medical health conditions, doing research on asthma can send you into a wild panic! There are endless sources and forums about asthma which can be found online that can leave you feeling torn and confused...

9th May 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

Natural Ways to Reduce Asthma
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Many people believe that there is no cure for asthma and that there is only short-term relief and treatment available. So, what many people do is end up sticking to conventional asthma treatments without exploring other options due to this misconception...

22nd April 2019 by Amy Jane Cheong

How to use Essential Oils for Asthma
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When it comes to asthma, everybody suffers differently and every case is unique. For instance, there are many different triggers ranging from allergies, food, pollen and much more. A large majority of asthma cases are triggered by allergens in the air such as pollen or pollution which can make it tricky to treat...

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