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I’ve visited Lanzarote numerous times. When I say numerous I’d say like… 10-11 times. So yes, I’ve visited this island a lot! But I’ve visited pretty much every resort apart from Playa Blanca, so I wasn’t familiar with what’s around and places to eat. So luckily enough, while I was shopping around and saw the board for a cheap lunch time deal outside Little India and was instantly sold (Because I’m really cheap!).

You may be thinking that a hot curry is the last thing that you need in this heat, right? Well I did too, but I thought I’d give Little India a try anyway! Especially due to the many good reviews.

But before I go into this review of Little India, you have to be cautious of many Chinese and Indian restaurants in Lanzarote since there are many complaints of getting food poisoning – Especially at buffet restaurants.

So one thing I look out for is the temperature of the food, because eating lukewarm/cold food in hot environments is a recipe for a digestive disaster!

Little India Menu & Pricing

Little India Lunch Menu

It was my last day in Playa Blanca. My flight was due later that evening so I decided to have a small curry before I left (especially since my all inclusive band has run its course!).

Prior to that, we stopped there for drinks which are really cheap! For instance, you can get pints for as a little as 2 euros. Another really nice touch was the fact that all drinks were served in chilled glasses which is perfect in the hot weather – Because there’s absolutely nothing worse than warm beer!

The lunchtime deal at Little India was the star of the show. It’s very good value for money and is what really caught my eye because back in the UK Indian food costs a bomb! But what really matters is if the food is actually worth it…

Atmosphere & Location of Little India

Little India Entrance
Seating Area

The location is not directly on the sea path yet not too far away from the sea. Plus, there are many nice shops surrounding the restaurant.

As for business it was very quiet. But keep in mind that we visited in the afternoon and it may get busier later in the evening.

But one hallmark of this restaurant is the friendliness of the staff. They will always welcome you with a smile and full blown conversation – Which is not something that you get in London often!

The Food Itself!

Little India Lunchtime Deal
Drinks at Little India

This is the type of restaurant where they will cook the food to your liking, not the other way around. So you can ask for different levels of spiciness or for them to remove any ingredients if needed.

The food is extremely simple but delicious and I would definitely recommend getting the lamb curry! Plus, I was particularly fond of the naan bread as I could tell that it was freshly made.

So in all honesty, there’s nothing wrong with having a curry in the sun! The only downside was the fact that I could only get a small lunch and had to catch a flight later.

The Overall Verdict of Little India

Little India really is a little gem because it is hidden on one of the side streets but once you find it, you’ll be glad that you did!

Here are some extra details on anyone who is planning on exploring Playa Blanca…

Address: Calle la Laja, 5, 35580 Playa Blanca, Las Palmas, Spain


Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this quick post and I’d love to connect with more bloggers after restarting my blog.

Plus, I was under immense pressure and was close to permanently deleting this blog. Luckily I managed to retrieve my domain so I’d appreciate any support on my journey and would be happy to support fellow bloggers.

Finally, due to the coronavirus there will be less travel content but I will do my best to share past trips and fill up other categories!


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